Audio Solutions for all events

Line Array PA systems, Digital Mixing Consoles to something as simple as a microphone.

At ESP we continue to invest in the latest technologies available to us to provide unrivalled Audio Production combined with our specialist knowledge of engineering sound since 1988.

Our Audio inventory continues to grow in line with market trends, enabling us to provide the latest quality equipment such as Allen & Heath D-Live Mixing consoles, DB Technologies VIO Series Line Array systems, MC2 Amplification and Sennheiser G4 Radio Systems.

Directed by our Head of Audio, Dave Wynn, we strive for perfection when delivering sound for your event with his vast knowledge spanning many years.

Audio Inventory

  • Loudspeakers and Amplifiers

    • dB Technologies VIO L208
    • dB Technologies VIO S118R
    • dB Technologies VIO S218
    • dB Technologies VIO X205-60
    • dB Technologies K162
    • Turbosound NuQ-12DP
    • Turbosound B-18DP
    • ESP Audio Wedge Monitors
    • Proel TFL Wedge Monitors
    • MC2 E475 Power Amplifier
    • MC2 E100 Power Amplifier
  • Mixing Consoles

    • Allen & Heath D-Live S3000
    • Allen & Heath D-Live C1500
    • Allen & Heath D-Live DM48
    • Allen & Heath D-Live CDM32
    • Allen & Heath SQ-5
    • Allen & Heath SQ-6
    • Allen & Heath AR2412
    • Allen & Heath AR84
  • Microphones and Radio Systems

    • Sennheiser G4 Wireless Mic Systems
    • Sennheiser G3 Wireless Mic Systems
    • Audio Technica Wireless Mic Systems
    • Fischer IEM Systems
    • Sennheiser IEM G3/G4 Systems
    • Shure SM57
    • Shure SM58
    • Shure Beta 57A
    • Shure Beta 58A
    • Shure Beta 91
    • Sennheiser e903
    • Sennheiser Beta 52a
    • Sennheiser e606
    • Sennheiser e906
    • Sennheiser e604
    • Sennheiser e902
    • Sennheiser e914
    • AKG 451
    • AKG C214
    • Audio Technica Pro 9D
    • Audio Technica AE5400
    • Audio Technica ATM35
    • Orchid D.I Boxes
    • LA Audio D.I Boxes
  • Rigging

    • EXE-RISE 250kg D8+ Motors
    • Black Spanset
    • Bow Shackles
    • VMB Front Loading Winch Stands 200kg 6.5m
    • Various Rigging Steels

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